SEO Methodology

SEO Methodology

For the search engine optimization, you can choose from either ethical methods or unethical methods. At Radix, we only offer ethical SEO services that offer long term benefits to the client. We also believe that it is much more than simply setting down popular keywords. For our SEO experts, SEO is not a one time activity but it is a continuous evolution towards sustainable search engine ranking.

Radix Search Engine Optimization Methodology offers:


Website Analysis

Before applying SEO process, we analyze all the technical aspects of your website such as site architecture, navigation, internal and external linking, layout, design, content, etc. We also evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the site to estimate required SEO efforts.

Keyword Research

Every industry domain has their highly searchable keywords. We identify such competitive keywords and draw out the search pattern for your domain. For keyword research, our updated SEO methodology includes review existing keywords, analyze competition, assess traffic potential, etc. Our smart keyword placement provides organic SEO results for your website.

Competitor Analysis

By studying competitor website, we can classify the industry specific keywords and get idea about other SEO strategies. This analysis also identifies various techniques of competitors that they are using to be stay ahead at the search engine ranking. Thus, competitor website analysis helps in identifying industry specific SEO activities for website.

Page Optimization

Our search engine optimization methodology offers on-page optimization as well as off-page optimization for your website. They help in link building and improving website traffic. We also provide SEO friendly meta tags to optimize website content and images.

Social Bookmarking

Under the SEO process, we also include social bookmarking on social network websites. It aids in creating a good recall value of your business and enhancing your brand awareness.

Directory Submission

To deliver best SEO results, our SEO methodology offers article and blog submission services on various regional business directories, niche directories, and classified directories.

Press Release Distribution

In addition, we also create press releases for your business and circulate them on PR machinery as a part of our SEO practices.

Periodic Reports

Radix’s search engine optimization methodology allows to generate weekly, fortnightly, and monthly reports to estimate the SEO progress. It also helps you in judging what fine tuning is required to achieve the targets.

Hence, with the help of SEO methodology, we can drive targeted traffic to your website and improve your conversion rate.